Light, camera, surprisingly little "action."

Some days, I'm OK with not racing. Sunday was one of those days, and I think it worked out for the best. On the drive out to Maple Ridge for this year's Pumpkin Cross, I was treated to a rural landscape draped in a layer of low-hanging fog. With a forecast calling for some much needed and much missed sun, I knew I'd be lucky to have any of it still around by the time the first race rolled out at 10AM, so I set out to make the most of it while I still could.

If you came here looking for hero shots of you deep in the pain cave or awesome costume, I'm sorry to disappoint you. There are plenty of other fantastic photographers who were at the race that should have something for you and a glut of images on Instagram, but honestly, I wouldn't bother. No matter how awesome you think you were, this dude already won the Internet on Sunday.

So, if you've made it this far or if you're a follower of my work, you'll know that I strive to capture something unique about each event. I think the themes under which I chose to document this race should be pretty self-evident from the gallery below.

Thanks to Local Ride Racing and Liv Canada for hosting another fun race this year and Mother Nature for providing conditions that made things tricky and fun, but not so much that people left with hypothermia as in previous years.