Superweek 2016

Another Superweek has come and gone and I don't have a lot to show for it, as far as photos go. This will be the first time in three years I haven't made a concerted effort to get media access to the Gastown Grand Prix and looking back at it, I'm OK with that. No pressure to get the shot and no pressure to get images up right away.

Instead of running around the course with a full-sized DSLR and a giant F2.8 telephoto zoom elbowing my way through the crowd to get to the front, I was able to hang out with a couple of buddies on a corner with my OM-D and a 90mm equivalent and my Ricoh GR with its 28mm equivalent, leisurely enjoying a burrito. Part me missed being in the thick of things, but I think a bigger part of me was also glad to be able to actually sit back and enjoy the race as a spectator. Next year, I may go back to lurking in team alley looking for the candid shots that were always my favourite part of seeing other photographers' race coverage, but I don't think I'll be going back to playing action sports photographer any time soon.

I did manage to grab a few keepers from the Gastown GP and Giro di Burnaby though, so it wasn't all a loss.