#dangerfun is the best fun.

Skinny tired bicycles making left turns at high speeds surrounded by a bunch of really expensive cars. What could go wrong?

Fortunately, the answer in this case, was nothing.

Escape Velocity / DEVO, in partnership with Brian Jessel BMW, closed out the local road/criterium season with a charity race with proceeds going towards Vancouver's oldest and most successful youth cycling program. With a 350m course, the riders were turning in 30 second lap times, ensuring that the crowd never had to wait too long to see the action come roaring by.

This was the first running of this event, but it reiterates what's already been a proven recipe for success: BBQ + DJ + bicycles + twilight = PARTY.

More of this, please.

Rollin' Deep

Combined U17/19 and regular club ride this morning. Lots of cheering from random passers-by for the DEVO squad throughout the morning. No photos of climbing because the fast kids and their coach quickly left me in their dust, so I was stuck in my own private no-man's land of suffering for the 38-minute slog up Cypress.