Canada Masters National Championships Crit (and TT!)

It's been a while since I've done a full day's shooting at a race and I'd forgotten how tiring it is. So many things to juggle: getting to the venue ahead of time to scout (didn't happen for this one), picking out the key spots both from the shooter's and the racer's perspectives, hauling around the gig bag, trying to remember to eat and drink, regretting wearing pants instead of shorts, finding the nearest port-o-potties, constantly rotating around the course, trying not to get in front of other photogs, managing battery life, chatting with all the cool people I know, running back to the finish line, going home and dumping the memory card, putting the batteries back in their chargers, sorting, culling, editing, uploading, posting, writing in run-on sentences.

And finally, cracking open a beer.

Click to enlarge/view in lightbox. You can also view the Master's Nats TT gallery here.