To Mr. Craig Richey,

I am writing to apply for athlete sponsorship for the 2017 cycling season. I am a Cat. 4 road racer and Cat. 3 cyclocross racer based in Vancouver, BC. My racing program for 2017 will consist of gravel fondos and adventure rides during the summer with my focus on the CX season.

This fall was marked by injury and illness, keeping me off the start line for much of the season. Despite this, I was still able to finish in the top half of the field in the races I was able to enter, including a top-ten and am confident in being able to consistently finish in the top-ten next season. My race palmares, however, is not what I believe will be my strongest asset to you.

  • MFG Moor Cross - Men 3: 22/48 finishers
  • Junkyard Cross - Men B: 11/47 finishers
  • Cascade Cross Border Clash - Men B: 7/27 finishers
  • Valley Cross Mill Lake - Men B: 16/32 finishers

I am writing specifically to ask for product support as an independent athlete. Your equipment has already proven to be reliable enough to carry Amanda Nauman to a Dirty Kanza victory this year and this exactly the kind of event that I aim to document. I would be a valuable ambassador in promoting the Easton brand because of my online presence and my ability to tell a story. I am a fairly well-known photographer in Vancouver and the PNW, regularly providing race coverage at local road and CX events, and feel that I could cover a gap in your marketing efforts, namely by providing content the fast-growing gravel and adventure segment. Your social media channel feature great images from your sponsored pro teams but currently lacks content showing how great your products are in every day riding scenarios.

For 2017, I am currently targeting the Oregon Gravel Epic in April and Grinduro (date TBA) as my key events along with smaller events such as the Vicious Cycles fondos and non-organized personal trips on a monthly basis, if not weekly. When I participate in these events, I am doing so to see and experience new terrain and scenery and am thus able to produce an event report with high-quality event and product imagery, such as these examples from earlier this year. The goal of these reports would be to showcase Easton products in real-world usage as well as highlighting events in the PNW that your products could be used in. In addition to these longer and more elaborate reports, I also regularly post content on both my Instagram feed as well as this site's blog.

Thank you for your consideration.